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The process of purchasing will be guided by a lawyer. He will take care of the contracts, and will inform and control both parties during the property transfer. He will also act as Trustee, which means that the buying price will be transferred in parts to his account, and he will in turn transfer these parts to the selling party after he has checked the progression of the construction. This assures the transparency of the transfer process and an independent third party.

We work together with a legal firm in Feldkirch: 'rechtsanwä'. You are free to contact them any time for further information:

Website rechtsanwä

RA Dr. Ernst Dejaco, Exec. M.B.L.-HSG
RA Dr. Winfried Mutz

Members of The Association Of European Lawyers (AEA)

Mühletorplatz 12
6800 Feldkirch
Tel. 05522 39100
Fax 05522 39100-1 


Our information about the fiscal consequences of the property transfer stems from the fiscal firm  Zobel & Kofler, Steuerberatungspartnerschaft in Bludenz. We dispose of a summary of their advises, to which you are welcome. However, you may want to go to them or to another fiscal firm for a personal advice.


Our information about the insurances connected to the construction and transfer of the apartments comes from Walter Summer from the firm MontaVon - Versicherungsbüro Ammann Barthold Summer OG. Address: 6780 Schruns, Gantschierstraße 39.  Walter Summer 0699/14121495. Buro 05556/77655. Fax 05556/77655-99



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