The apartments are constructed in a part of Gasthof Drei Türme. That part is being fully reconstructed and an extra floor is added. This work will result in eleven brand new comfortable apartments.

Ten out of the eleven apartments have a so called 'Ferienwohnung Witmung', this licence allows you to use the apartment in the way you like: whether to rent out the apartement, or to use it just for yourself (and your friends and family).

Each apartment will have one assigned parking place in the newly constructed parking garage (construction finished December 2011). We have a few spare parking places in the parking garage, which will be sold to the first applicants.

The apartments

Overview of the apartments:


Fase 1 (December 2012 completed)
Apartment 1 97 m2 Ground floor
Apartment 2 58 m2 First floor
Apartment 3 53 m2 First floor Not available

Apartment 4 71 m2 First floor Sold!
Apartment 5 74 m2 Second floor
Apartment 6 96 m2 Second floor Sold!
Apartment 7 117 m2 Third floor
Apartment 8 103 m2 Third floor Sold!
* apartment Top 3 will be delivered 'ready-for-use', including modern, comfortable, luxuary furniture, all kitchen material (up to table spoons), vacuum cleaner and infrared sauna!
Fase 2 (December 2013 completed)
Apartment 9 130 m2 Ground floor
Not available

Apartment 10 102 m2 First floor Sold!
Apartment 11 90 m2 First floor Sold!